PROFESSORS IN DEVELOPMENT 2018, AMERICAN STUDIES CENTER OF MOLDOVA The International Seminar “Using International Experience in Teaching English”

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 “…Professors with strong global awareness are better equipped to help students apply lessons within an

 international context and to develop international content and perspective within their courses…”

John T. Delaney

March 31, 2018

On March 31, the American Studies Center (ASC) organized the International Seminar “Using International Experience in Teaching English” at the Moldova State University for the University professors of different higher educational institutions of Moldova (MSU, ULIM, IRIM, Academy of Economics and more). The Seminar was dedicated to the Professors in Development 2018 which is the Teacher Training program traditionally organized at the American Studies Center, sponsored by the US Embassy and hosted by the Moldova State University.


The presenters were the American and Moldovan specialists in the sphere of American Studies and TEFL. The members of the panel included the scholars from the USA and Moldova, representatives of the Moldova State University and guests from different organizations working on education problems.

The key-note speaker was Francesca Murphy, Ph.D., Fulbright U.S. scholar who made the presentation in the 1st Section of the Seminar speaking on the topic “A Model for Connecting English Language Learners with Service Learning in Moldova: Connecting U.S. Students with Human Services Programs in South Africa.” The moderator and the presenter from the USA in in the 2nd Section was Francisco Javier Resto, Fulbright ETA, who gave a detailed analysis of the “International Relations Theory in the Context of Teaching”. The other speakers were the experts from Moldova: Daniela Munca, Ph.D. Academy for Innovation and Change through Education, President (“Building student centered project addressing United National Sustainable Goals”), Viorica Lifari, Ph.D., dr. conf. univ., Head of the GLIC, FLLF, MSU, (“Teaching Intercultural Communication Using Foreign Experience”) and other specialists and alumni of various international programs.

The presentations, unique materials and questions asked and answered during the International Seminar stimulated the discussion of the issues that the presenters highlighted in their speeches. The themes ranged from the importance of the international experience and the ways of applying it in Moldova to “the latest trends in teaching English by means of different communication strategies and techniques in classroom settings that guarantee speedy academic enhancement at various levels of education”. We want to stress that all of the participants were very much impressed by the topics selected and the professionalism of the presenters. The event was crowned by the Certificate awarding ceremony.

The American Studies Center express special thanks to the US Embassy for the support of the American Government and the Moldova State University for helping and hosting the American Studies Center events. This is a great inspiration for organizing many more events.




Elena Crestianicov, PhD

Fulbright Program Alumna

Dr. conf. univ. GLIC, FLLF

 Head of the American Studies Center