Seminar practic ,,Diseminarea rezultatelor cercetării publicului larg”

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Stimaţi Doctoranzi şi Tineri Cercetători!

Institutul de Cercetare şi Inovare al USM vă invită pe data de 1 iunie 2018, ora 09.00 în sala 329, bl. IV USM, la un seminar practic prezentat de David Jarmul, cu tematica ,,Diseminarea rezultatelor cercetării publicului larg”.

Seminarul se va desfăşura în limba engleză.

Pentru înregistrarea la eveniment vă rugăm să expediaţi un mesaj la adresa de email:

Persoană de contact: Marianna Savva, inginer coordonator ICI, tel. 067560415.

Informație succintă despre invitat: 

Do you have trouble explaining your research to family, friends or others who are non-experts? Would you like to attract the interest of journalists who might cover your work?

We invite you to a special workshop on communicating research to the public. The instructor is David Jarmul, a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Ialoveni who has long experiencing working with scientists and other academics. Before coming to Moldova, he was the associate vice president of news and communications at Duke University (one of the top universities in the United States), where he helped many faculty members explain their work more clearly. He also held senior communications positions at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and was president of the D.C. Science Writers Association.

David says the workshop will be fun as well as informative. He speaks some Romanian but will be speaking at the workshop in English. Please join us — and please spend some time thinking in advance about how you might best explain your work to a journalist or other non-expert. Why might it interest them? Why should they care about it? What difference might it make in their lives?