Spring 2019 Application Information Waseda University

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Application period: 1st Nov – 20th Nov 2018 (Japan time)

*The “ID Photograph Sheet for Application” also needs to arrive at our office during this period.

Online application linkhttps://www6.webcas.net/form/pub/waseda/exapp201904_02

*This link will become accessible on November 1st (Japan Time)

Application Instructionshttps://www.waseda.jp/inst/cie/en/exchange/application

*We understand that some professors are not comfortable sharing the letter of recommendation to the student. If this is the case, we would be happy to receive it via email from you. Please ask your student to upload a note explaining that the letter of recommendation will be sent via email instead.

Scholarship information (MEXT/JASSO) has not yet been announced. We will inform you once we have further information.

Important changes from last year:

-       Dorm Fee increase

-       By reason of recent rises in land prices, the Nishi Waseda International Students House will be increasing dorm fees as follows:

Nishi Waseda International Students House

Before Increase

After Increase








-       Cancellation of airport pick-up service

-       Since there are no airport pick-up services for student dorms other than those for exchange students that are under the management of the Residence Life Center, we have decided to cancel the Narita Airport pick-up service after the September 2018 enrollment in order to have a uniform operation throughout the university.


-       For details on how to get to the dorm for exchange students, we will be sending you the information separately.

-       (We highly recommend using the Tokyo International Airport, since there have been recent increases in the number of flights arriving/departing.)


-       Further, for students of spring enrollment 2019 and beyond, which is after the cancellation of airport pick-up service, we will still be informing you the date to enter the dorm, taking into account the date of orientation for newcomers to exchange student dorms, etc., so please be sure to have students enter the dorm on the designated date.


  “Letter of Nomination”

We add the “9. Letter of Nomination” on the list of documents to be uploaded.

Please sign your name, and your students upload it with other required documents to be uploaded during the application period 1st Nov – 20th Nov 2018.  (You or either your students do not need to submit it itself in advance)


Support Letter from home university and Prescription and Letter of reference for the doctor

If your students have any mental or physical disabilities (concerns) that needed to be supported by Waseda OR if your students have a chronic disease and have regularly visited a hospital or taken medicine (including those who are no longer visiting hospitals or taking medicine), please ask them to upload these letters together with other required documents.


Other Important points:

-       When the applicants completes the online application, it is mentioned to submit the evidence to the coordinator so please kindly keep the online application evidence by your side.

-       Each School/Graduate School/Center has different application requirements. Students must meet all the application requirements of the School/Graduate School/Center they wish to apply to. Please be aware that if your students do not meet the requirements unfortunately they do not have the eligibility to apply.

-       For English taught programmes, English language requirements are only waived if the student’s native language is English, or if the student’s current programme at his/her home institution is taught entirely in English. All other students must submit the required English language test score. Similarly, students who wish to study on a Japanese taught programme must submit a JLPT certificate.

-       In principle, students can only take courses from the School/Graduate School/Center they apply to. Therefore, students must carefully check the course list when choosing which School/Graduate School/Center to apply to.

-       The Science and Engineering Schools are divided into Departments, and students can only take courses from the Department they apply to. Please be aware that the choices of English courses available to undergraduate exchange students are quite limited, and undergraduate exchange students cannot take any courses related to lab work/experiments.

-       Please make sure students upload the grading scale/explanation of grading criteria with their transcripts, since this is often forgotten.

-       If a student has taken a leave of absence due to military service or other reason, please make sure he/she explains this on a separate sheet and upload it together with the other documents.