Career Guidance

Professional growth and career advancement – are the key issues of the human activity. In order to plan future career, and take the right and well-grounded decisions, the students of the Moldova State University are offered the services of the Center of Career Guidance and Labor Market Relations.The main objectives of the Center are to assure all the candidates/students a successful career cultivating necessary professional skills for the effective integration into the labor market as well as help with enrollment all those with vocational needs:

  • To find the balance between personal opportunities, professional requirements and job opportunities
  • To promote effectively professional skills at the labor market
  • To build social networks to identify quickly and effectively job opportunities
  • To realize successfully the career related objectives

The labor market dynamics creates sometimes confusion between demands and job opportunities, professional skills of the future employees and those claimed by employers, etc. For this reason, the future specialists can use all the resources of the Center to have a quick and efficient professional integration.