Information for incoming grantees

Available fields and study Undergraduate, Master and Doctorate levels of studies. All study fields offered by MSU faculties are available for incoming grantees. The instruction language of all undergraduate programs is Romanian or Russian. Some courses of the undergraduate program Law are provided in English. The Master programs are offered in Romanian except the program American Studies that is provided fully in English. In general, the doctoral studies are offered in Romanian or Russian, but also it could be in English, depending on the prospective host scientific adviser. The starting date can be negotiated with the hosting faculty. Post-doctorate exchanges. The starting date for post-doctorate exchanges can be negotiated with the hosting faculty or professor at the MSU. To find the most suitable host department, please vizit our web pages for research. Academic staff exchanges. The visiting staff members are expected to be proficient either in Romanian or Russian in order to carry out the exchange. It is strongly recommended that you are in touch with your host faculty or department already before applying via the online system. List of faculties of Moldova State University: Faculty of Biology and Soil Science Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Faculty of Law Faculty of Physics Faculty of History and Philosophy Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature Faculty of Letters Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences Faculty of International Relations, Political Sciences and Public Administration Faculty of Sociology and Social Work Faculty of Economic Sciences For finding the most suitable field of study and host faculty, please read our web pages on Academic Programmes Candidates eligible for the program: Students attending the second year of Bachelor degree studies and attending the first year of Master degree studies at the home university. Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders are accepted for the following periods:

  • Undergraduate and master level exchange students for one semester or whole academic year
  • Doctorate visitors for 6 – 10 months
  • Post-doctorate visitors for 6-10 months
  • Academic staff for 1-2 months.

Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders studying at the Moldova State University do not incur any costs related to studying, use of library or access to the Internet. MSU organizes intensive Rumanian/Russian language courses that are free of charge for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders.


Academic year at MSU

1st term:                 from the 1st of September till the 15th of December; Period of exams:   from the 16th of December till 24 of December and from 17th  of  January till the 30th of  January ; Winter holidays:   from the 25th of December till the 16th of January; 2nd term:              from the 31st of January till the 21st of May; Period of exams:  from the 22nd of May till the 17th of June; Eastern  holidays: from the 22nd of  April till the 2nd of  May; from the 23d of  April till the 28th of  May  – practice / internship for the  students of the last year of studies Summer holiday:  from the 19th of July till the 31st of   August. The Moldova State University provides scholarship holders with accommodation in the University dormitory, in double and triple rooms (single gender) with a bathroom. The students living in the dormitory have access to a kitchen with a fridge, located on every floor. The cost of accommodation in a dormitory amounts to 250-700 lei.