Research Units

There are 6 scientific research centers that unite 20 scientific research laboratories (RL):

1. Scientific Research Center “Life Sciences” RL “Algology” RL “Ficobiotechnology” RL “ Human and Animal Ecophysiology” RL “Biological Security” RL “Plant Biochemistry” RL “Pedogenic Processes”
2. Scientific Research Center “Environmental and Applied Chemistry” RL “Coordinative Chemistry” RL “Atmosphere Protection” RL “Environmental Chemistry of Aquatic Systems” RL “Redox Processes in Alimentary Products” RL „ Electochimical Processes and Clean Technologies”
3. Scientific Research Center “Semiconductor Materials and Devices RL “Physics of Semiconductors” RL “Photo-Thermoplastic Recording” RL “Physics and Engineering of Nanomaterials and Synergy” RL “ Photonics and Physical Metrology”
4. Scientific Research Center “Current Issues in Mathematics and Computer Sciences” RL “Fundamental Mathematical Structures” RL “Mathematical Modelling and Optimitization” RL “Information Technologies” RL „Education and Research in Mathematics and Computer Science” (CECMI)
5. Scientific Research Center “Social and Economics Sciences” RL “Development of Educational Policies” RL “Policy Sociology”
6. Scientific Research Center “Human Sciences”  RL “Thracology” Rl “Applied Linguistics and Comparative Literature” Instutute of Social History “Pro Memoria”