The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work

Address: 32 Gheorghe Caşu St., bl. 5, MD-2025, Chişinău

Tel: +373 22 73-82-70



The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work trains specialists necessary for social transformations at both national and international levels. It is the only faculty which offers specialties related to social studies. The fundamental knowledge, interdisciplinary use, social experience, functional competences and personal devotion are the basic values which the faculty is guided by in the process of instruction.

Modernization of the teaching/learning process is achieved through implementation of a number of projects giving teachers and students the opportunities for academic mobility: for working and studying in different European universities. The faculty provides education of the highest quality, enabling future specialists to face any changes in the contemporary world and carve a successful career. Thereby, the students of the faculty have all the possibilities to develop functional skills in the framework of internships. The faculty has a vast network of practice bases representing the whole variety of social services provided by governmental, national and international institutions.

DEAN: Dr., Associate Prof. Stela MILICENCO

VICE-DEAN: Senior lecturer Aliona CRISTEI


Number of students: Cycle I – 642; Cycle II - 76

Academic staff members: 32 Departments:

  • Sociology
  • Social Work


  • RepublicanResourceCenterfor Social Assistance
  • Center for Sociological Research
  • SocialResearchCenter
  • Excellence Centre “Professionalization of Education in Social Assistance”

Academic Programs Bachelor’s Degree (Licentiate)

  • Sociologie –   2017
  • Asistenţă Socială –  2017

Master’s Degree (4 semesters)

  • Managementul serviciilor sociale (MP) – 2017
  • Politici sociale centrate pe familie (MP) –  2017
  • Sondaje de opinie , marketing și publicitate (MP) –  2017

 Doctoral Studies (6 semesters)