THE ,,REPUBLIC SCHOLARSHIP” PROGRAM grants 12 scholarships worth 1525 lei / month for students at the bachelor’s level.

THE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP includes 30 scholarships worth 1270 lei / month for both bachelor and master students.

SCHOLARSHIP OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA PRESIDENT represents 10 scholarships worth 1385 lei / month for students who study at higher education institutions.

The details about the scholarships financed from the funds from the state budget appear during the academic year. The amount of the scholarships is updated annually, depending on the evolution of the inflation index.


For the best students of the country, the University Information Center (CIU), in collaboration with Moldova Agroindbank S.A. and the Orange Moldova Company announces the “MERIT SCHOLARSHIP” competition every year. The program offers, on the basis of a competition, 50 scholarships of 12,000 lei for students studying the last year of the bachelor degree study, and for master’s students from the first year of study. It is mandatory that they have obtained the previous year of studies in the ordinary session an average of the marks not less than 9 in the field of exact sciences, technical and medico-biological and not less than 9.5 in the field of social sciences and humanities. Also, both bachelor and master students must actively participate in scientific research, conferences, competitions, etc.

Further information on the “Merit Scholarships” program can be obtained by accessing the page


The annual contest organized by the University Information Center (CIU) is financially supported by Moldova Agroindbank S.A. There are 30 scholarships, worth 10,000 lei, for students enrolled in the first year of studies in higher education institutions and for the scholarship students of the previous edition, who are studying now in the second or third year of studies, who can apply for the renewal of scholarships.

The project provides financial support for young people who show success in learning and involvement in extracurricular activities for a maximum of three years. The contest is usually announced in winter, and the results are presented in the spring.

For more details, follow the page


The Konrad Adenauer Foundation grants scholarships to talented students, involved in community activities and political life. Candidates must show that they are receptive to Christian-democratic values.

The project is addressed to students enrolled in the universities of the Republic of Moldova, in the bachelor’s degree, who have achieved outstanding academic results and can prove their involvement in society and politics. Applicants must know at least a foreign language, German proficiency is an advantage.

The scholarship was initially granted for a period of 12 months, and may be extended depending on the results.

Information about this scholarship program can be found by visiting or this page Facebook/FKARM


  The competition is organized by the Moldovan Law Office “Popa si Asociaţii” and supports the students from the 3rd and 4th year of studies at the Law Faculties of the Republic of Moldova.

   The winner of the scholarship receives 500 euros and has the possibility to carry out an internship at the Law Office.

  Usually the competition is announced in the spring. For news, follow the official website of the Law Office


Easy Credit offers four scholarships worth 4,000 lei/ month throughout the entire year of study to young people studying their last year at the Law Faculty – MSU, the Finance Faculty or the General Economics and Law Faculty – ASEM.

The winners of this program have the possibility to carry out any type of specialized internship within the OCN “Easy Credit” SRL. They also have the opportunity to join the Easy Credit team after completing their studies.

Usually, the competition for scholarships is announced in spring. For further details, follow the official Easy Credit page.


,,Bursa Speranței” is a social project initiated by BCR Chisinau,  having the aim of supporting young people who have achieved prominent results in education and research. The scholarship covers the tuition fee, the necessary costs for the purchase of teaching materials, participation in student conferences, research and improvement programs.

 The students who follow their bachelor’s / master’s / doctoral studies in the field of technical, agricultural, medical, pedagogical sciences can take part in the competition. The students must have outstanding results in education – the general average 8.5 and above, the evidence of involvement in research projects / in-depth studies / internships.

The contest takes place annually, the invitation to participate is usually launched in spring. For further details, follow the official BCR page.