Continuing Education

Continuing education is a priority direction of the educational policies in the Republic of Moldova. At the Moldova State University, together with the strategic milestones of the university development such as research, innovation, and training, continuing education became a significant achievement in the modernization of the educational system. The continuing education is organized by the Department of Professional Continuing Education; the Center of Continuing Education (CCE) was launched within this department.

The Center of Continuing Education organizes and coordinates the continuing education at the university level, assures the connection between different strategies and fields of professional continuing education of the university staff at the institutional and national levels, monitors the organization of professional continuing education of the teaching staff at the faculty level, ensures advertising continuing education strategies within the MSU. The Center coordinates their activities with the Ministry of Education. Other university and research institutions ensure the optional conditions for the realization of the professional continuing education of the teaching staff within the MSU. After examining the necessities of the professional continuing education of the teaching staff, the CCE forwards the proposals considering the optimization of the professional continuing education of the teaching staff from different educational institutions of the Republic.

The Center of Continuing Education offers the training programs of specialization, retraining staff in various areas: education, services, public administration, social assistance, economics, computer science, applied computer science, law, journalism, communication sciences, chemical technology, environmental sciences, psychology, psychology, library science, information assistance and modern languages. Continuing education at the MSU is achieved through courses and internships to get necessary professional skills: training courses, retraining courses, specialization courses and internships; courses to obtain an additional qualification. The CCE of the MSU cooperates with the faculties of the university, the responsible structures of the Continuing Education from the Ministry of Education, other authorized institutions with continuing education, and educational, administrative, economic and other organizations in which the instructed specialists work within the continuing education programs of the MSU.