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 The Faculty of Physics and Engineering was founded in 1946. It has trained over 3500 specialists that are successfully involved in various fields of the national economy, education and science. Every tenth graduate of the faculty gets the scientific degree of the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and every hundredth – the degree of Doctor Habilitatus of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Beginning from 2003, Faculty of Physics and Engineering preparing specialists in the field of Information Technologies and Quality engineering and management. Faculty of Physics and Engineering invites professionals from different IT companies, that will organize and prepare specialists for diverse tasks to cover labour markets needs.

The Faculty of Physics and Engineering helps the younger generation to better understand the mysteries of the universe. The didactic and scientific activity of the faculty is based on recognized values and society demands, promoting quality and efficiency, creating specialists in condensed matter physics, optics and electronics and computational physics, non-traditional energy as well as in metrology and meteorology.

While studying at the faculty students have the possibility to combine theory with practice performing different experiments and working in the laboratories of the faculty equipped with necessary machinery and tools. 

DEAN: Dr., Assoc. prof. Nicorici Valentina

VICE-DEAN : Dr., Assoc. prof. Dmitroglo Liliana

SECRETARIAT :   Matei Olga

Number of students : Cycle I – 450, Cycle II – 71, Academic staff members : 56.   


  • ”Iu. Perlin” Department of Theoretical Physics
  • Applied Physics and Informatics

Scientific Laboratories :

  • Physics of Semiconductors
  • Physics of Materials Engineering and Synergy
  • Photo-Thermoplastic Recording
  • Photonics and Physical Metrology

List of study programs, level I Bachelor

List of study programs, II level Master

Doctoral studies – (6 semestre)