Foreword by the Rector

For all that in the beginning there was the Word, the reflection of the events that occur in the society is not sufficient through words. Perhaps the most frequently spoken word last years was the word change: change of mentality, attitude change, change in concepts, change of management, and change of generations. Therefore, the change strategy of the Moldova State University is based on a concept of transformation through sustainable development focused on the intellectual potential, through the exploitation of excellence and performance generated by this potential, it will accelerate the progress and enhance the role and image of the University in the society. There is a historical tradition, a natural evolution in the transition to the knowledge-based society. In this regard, the change strategy is conceived to respond to the challenges of the contemporary society at the national and international levels that imply a plenary involvement of the University. Declaring as a priority the knowledge triangle – education, research and innovation, the Moldova State University directs all efforts toward our main objectives:

  • - professional competence;
  • - creativity and dynamism of personality;
  • - harmonisation of individual interest with the Community’s;
  • - respect, attention and care for individuals and the Community;
  • - openness to the national and international socio-economic environment;
  • - adherence to European standards in education, research and innovation;
  • - development of a modern and efficient university management and assurance of the transparency of the management;
  • - development of policies to encourage and foster young talents;
  • - boost staff motivation through the differentiation of wage policy;
  • - provision of work environment that fosters performance, and promotes the values

The last decade the Moldova State University went through real difficulties overcoming them with patience, intelligence and wisdom. We will make our institution regain a normal development path towards a competitive and well-known university. We want to establish an organisational culture that would encourage, appreciate and support high aspirations, authentic performance, attitude and initiative, involvement and participatory management. To achieve the core objectives we need to follow some basic principles:

  •  University life is determined not so much by the laws written on paper, as by the leading spirit and applied mechanisms.
  •  The scientific research is an inexhaustible source of knowledge, whereas performance and research mastering have become an inexhaustible source of funding.
  •  A good manager makes people have confidence in him. A very good manager makes people have confidence in themselves.

Prof., Dr. Habil. Gheorghe CIOCANU Rector of the Moldova State University