The educational process at the Moldova State University takes place within 11 study buildings:

Central Building

60 Alexei Mateevici St.

Rector’s Office, Faculty of History and Philosophy, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences,

Faculty of Economic Sciences

Building I 65 M. Kogălniceanu St.
Faculty of Letters


Building II 65 M. Kogălniceanu St.


Building II a



Building II annex


Faculty of Economic Sciences
Building III 65 M. Kogălniceanu St.
Faculty of Biology and Soil Science, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature
Building IV

60 Alexei Mateevici St.

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Building IVa



Building V

32 Gh. Caşu St.

Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
Building VI

6 N. Testimiţanu St.

Faculty of International Relations, Political Sciences and Public Administration
Building VII

2/1 Gh. Iablocichin St.

Faculty of Law

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михаил безлепкин квартиры

technical german

дом евроремонт