The MSU undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral full-time students, who do not have the place of residence in Chisinau are granted the right to be accommodated in the university dormitories, no matter if the students pay tuition fees or get a state scholarship. The main criterion for granting the accommodation right is the annual average grade obtained in the previous academic year.

For the first-year students the accommodation is granted upon the written request.

The accommodation right is given by the Commission of each faculty that includes the dean or vice-dean and students’ representatives from the Faculty Council.

The priority is given to orphans, the disabled, and children from vulnerable families.

List of the MSU dormitories 

Dormitory Administrator Contact
Dormitory no. 1 Dembitchi Clara 2/1 Tighina St., tel. 27-52-48
Dormitory no. 2 Eftimescu Iurie 2/2 Tighina St., tel. 27-55-32
Dormitory no. 3 Coman Emilia 2/3 Tighina St., tel. 127-01-13
Dormitory no. 4 Rusnac Marina 2/4 Tighina St., tel., 27-52-31
Dormitory no. 5 Chicu Aurelia 6/5 Pan Halippa St., tel.54-34-23
Dormitory no. 6 Valicov Natalia 6/6 Pan Halippa St., tel. 72-75-45
Dormitory no. 7 Gutuleac Carolina 6/7 Pan Halippa St., tel. 72-75-27
Dormitory no. 8 Cibotaru Vasile 6/8 Pan Halippa St., tel. 72-75-54
Dormitory no. 9 Betu Marian 6/9 Pan Halippa St., tel. 72-75-71
Dormitory no. 10 Potirniche Emilia 32/10 Gh. Casu St., tel. 72-58-83
Dormitory no. 11 Ursu Nelea 32/11 Gh. Casu St., tel. 72-79-55
Dormitory no. 12 Palii Mariana 32/12 Gh. Casu St., tel. 72-79-52
Dormitory no. 13 Rosca Nicolai 32/13 Gh. Casu St., tel. 73-16-97
Dormitory no. 16 (doctoral students) Beldeman Anatol 32/16 Gh. Casu St., tel. 72-79-66
Dormitory no. 16 (students) Oceretnii Anastasia 32/16 Gh. Casu St., tel. 72-79-66
Dormitory no. 19 Zarija Valeriu 4/2 Florilor St., tel. 44-52-06

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