The student complex of Moldova State University represents an institutional entity consisting of 10 student dormitories that offer accommodation places for bachelor, master and doctoral students, but also for MSU collaborators. Students who do not have a permanent residence in Chisinau city can be accommodated in the dormitories.

The accommodation capacity is 1500 places / student.

TIGHINA STUDENT COMPLEX                              

Address: mun. Chișinău, sector Centru, str. Tighina 2/1

Administrator căminul Nr.1: Alexei Guțu

Tel: +373 22 275 248

Address: mun. Chișinău, sector Centru, str. Tighina 2/2

Administrator căminul Nr. 2: Iurie Eftimescu

Tel: +373 22 275 532

Address: mun. Chișinău, sector Centru, str. Tighina 2/3

Administrator căminul Nr.3: Aliona Grișco

Tel: +373 22 270 113

Address: mun. Chișinău, sector Centru, str. Tighina 2/4

Administrator căminul Nr.4: Carolina Guțuleac

Tel: +373 22 275 231

Tighina student complex includes dormitories nr. 1, 2, 3 and 4, totaling 637 places. The dormitories offer rooms for two or three person, equipped with appropriate furniture. The reading room facilitates the individual work of the students. Dormitories nr. 2, 3, and 4 offer the possibility of cable Internet access. Toilets, bathroom and kitchen are common.


Address: munChișinău, sector Centru, str. Gheorghe Cașu 30

Administrator căminul Nr.10: Șevciuc Dumitru

Tel: +373 22 725 883

Adresă: munChișinău, sector Centru, str. Gheorghe Cașu 32

Administrator căminul Nr.11: Nelea Ursu

Tel: +373 22 727 955

Address: munChișinău, sector Centru, str. Gheorghe Cașu 30

Administrator căminul Nr.12: Emil Guțuleac

Tel: +373 22 727 952

Address: munChișinău, sector Centru, str. Gheorghe Cașu 30

Administrator căminul Nr.13: Nicolae Roșca

Tel: +373 22 731 697

Address: munChișinău, sector Centru, str. Gheorghe Cașu 28/1

Administrator căminul Nr.16: Aliona Mereuță

Tel: +373 22 727 966

,,Gheorghe Cașu” student complex includes dormitories nr. 10, 11, 12, 13 and 16, totaling 710 accommodation places. The dormitories have spaces with two rooms, of 2/3 accommodation places. The rooms in the dormitories are equipped with modern furniture. The kitchen, the bathroom and the sanitary block are not common. Dormitory nr. 10 offers students access to the MOLDCELL WiFi Internet. In the dormitory nr. 16 students can access the Internet via cable, for a fee and there is also a multimedia room.

The dormitory nr. 13 and 16 has a special space equipped with automatic washing machines for washing clothes which can also be used by students accomodated in other dormitories.


Address: munChișinău, sector Rîșcani, str. Florilor 4/6

Administrator căminul Nr.19: Marin Dub

Tel: +373 22 445 206

The 19th student dormitory offers 227 accommodation places. The rooms have place for 2 or 3 person. The dormitory is equipped with appropriate furniture. Students have Internet access, for a fee. The dormitory has a reading room. The kitchen, bathroom and sanitary blocks are common, located on each floor.

In dormitory nr. 19 there is a room for washing clothes, equipped with automatic washing machines.


Address: sos.Hîncești 55/4

Administrator căminul Nr.5: Angela Lupușor

Tel: +373 22 286038

Reading rooms and facilities:

All the dormitories have reading rooms for students, which facilitates their individual work.

Dormitories nr. 3, 13, 16 and 19 offer laundry facilities, where washing machines are installed for the accommodated students. The student campuses of Moldova State University are serviced by administrative, care and maintenance personnel.


Housing procedure in the university dormitories

In order to benefit from dormitory housing, students submit the following application (download). They send it to the faculty dean at the end of the academic year. Faculty deans, in agreement with MSU Student Union, the Senate members and the MSU dormitories administrators, draw up a list of the students by categories (girls / boys). When taking the decision, they take into account the academic performances, and also the students social / material situation.

The first year students will receive a place in the dormitory only after submitting the accommodation request to the dean of the faculty.

The accommodation of students from the second and third year takes place on the basis of the annual average obtained in the previous academic year. The accommodation charge are different, according to the comfort level and they are approved by the MSU Senate.

Responsible for drawing up the nominal lists of the students who will benefit from a place of accommodation are the deans of the faculties.

Accommodation vouchers are issued by the Dormitories Service, 2, Tighina street.

Needed documents for accomodation in dormitories:

  • dispoziția de cazare;
  • o fotografie tip legitimație (2×2,5);
  • bonul de plată;
  • buletinul de identitate

More information for accomodation in dormitories:

Regulation on the operation of dormitories

Rental contract

Resolution contract


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