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60 Alexei Mateevici St., block 4, MD-2009, Chisinau

Phone: +373 22 244 355, +373 67 560 046

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The Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology was founded in 1946 under the name Faculty of Chemistry, remaining for six decades a forge for highly qualified specialists in the pedagogical and technological fields.

Through its activities, the faculty ensures a proficient continuity of high school, university, and post-graduate education in the fields of professional training: Chemistry, Chemical Technology, and Environmental Protection. Thus far, more than 3000 specialists have been trained in the faculty working successfully in the country and abroad.

The Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology’s mission is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of chemistry, chemical technologies, and environmental protection. This process includes the study of the composition, structure, and properties of compounds, the development of methods for obtaining new substances with new properties, of high-performance technologies for the making of final product with a high level of competitiveness and reduced negative impact on the environment.

Dean: PhD Associate Professor Viorica GLADCHI

Vice Dean: PhD Associate Professor Aliona COTOVAIA

Secretariat: phone operator Cristina GHERASIM


  • Chemistry Department
  • Industrial and Ecological Chemistry Department


Bachelor’s degree studies (180 study credits – 3 years; 240 study credits – 4 years)

  • 0500.1 Chemistry  2022 2023
  • Chemistry (Educational Sciences)  2022 2023
  • Biopharmaceutical Chemistry  2022 2023
  • Industrial Chemical Technology 2022 2023
  • 0711.3 Technology of cosmetic and medicinal products 2022 2023

Master’s degree studies (taught in Romanian) 120 study credits – 2 years; 90 study credits – 1.5 years

MS – Master of Science MP – Master of Professional Studies

  • Advanced materials in chemistry and biopharmaceutics 2022 2023
  • Modern technologies in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and environmental protection industry 2022 2023

Doctoral degree studies (6 semesters)

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