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The Faculty of Law was founded in 1959 and is currently one of the largest faculties of the State University of Moldova. With the efforts of the faculty, specialists are being trained in all areas of law in the Republic of Moldova. Most law professors have completed internships at universities in Western Europe and North America. Every year, professors from prestigious higher education institutions around the world are invited to teach various subjects. The Faculty operates French and English courses, in which students with a high level of French or English can study law.

The mission of the Faculty of Law is oriented towards:

  • initial training of highly qualified specialists, based on not only theoretical but also practical thorough knowledge;
  • cultivating in students, in a short time, the necessary practical skills and abilities, in view of their becoming professionals;
  • creating safe premises for successful socio-professional integration in the legal system in the Republic of Moldova.

FACULTY Governance


habilitated doctor in law, university professor, BRÍNZA SERGIU

Vice Dean

doctor of law, associate professor, BOTNARU STELA

Vice Dean

doctor of law, associate professor, PANTEA OLEG

Vice Dean

University lecturer, CRISTINA POPOVICI


  • Private Law Department
  • Public Law Department
  • Criminal Law Department
  • Procedural Law Department
  • Department of International and European Law

List of study programs Bachelor’s degree studies

List of study programs Master’s degree studies (taught in Romanian):

  • Drept penal (90)   2022 2023
  • Drept civil (90)  2022 2023
  • Drept public (90, cu frecventa) 2023
  • Drept public (90, cu frecventa redusa) 2023
  • Proceduri judiciare civile (90)  2022 2023
  • Drept internaţional (rom./rus 90) 2022 2023
  • Proces penal şi criminalistică (90) 2022 2023
  • Drepturile omului (90) 2022 2023
  • Dreptul relaţiilor de muncă şi comerciale în afaceri (90) 2022 2023
  • Drept public şi guvernare electronică (90) 2022 2023
  • Drept fiscal şi vamal (90) 2022 2023
  • Drept fiscal şi activitate vamala (120) 2023
  • Anticorupție (120, cu frecv redusa) 2023
  • Anticorupție (120, cu frecv) 2023
  • Științe penale aplicative 2023

MS – master of science MP – professional master

Doctoral degree studies (6 semesters)

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