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The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Sociology and Social Work falls within the concept of the European education based on democratic and educational values, tradition and innovation. The Faculty certifies its existence, with the final aim of providing the labor market with well-trained graduates, always capable to meet the demands of time and ensure the development of our society. The Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Sociology and Social Work focuses on the following principles:

  • Students and teachers are the main actors of educational process.
  • Interconnection of science, higher education and labor market.
  • Orientation towards modern, formative education.
  • Openness for collaboration and cooperation.

The mission of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Sociology and Social Work consists in the realization of certain formative orientations in the process of initial training of future specialists in the field of psychology and education sciences, sociology and social work through the valorization of scientific research in the field, national and international good practices; international, regional and national policies in the field of education. DeanGuţu Vladimir, Dr. Habil. in Pedagogy, University Professor; Vice-DeansTarnovschi Ana, Ph.D. in Psychology, University Lecturer; Chira Aliona, University Lecturer. SecretariatCiobanu Valeria, Methodist for full-time studies; Mîndru Larisa, Methodist for part-time studies. DEPARTMENTS: 

  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Education Sciences
  • Department of Sociology and Social Work

Scientific Research Laboratory “Educational Policies Development  

List of study programs, level I Bachelor

  • Asistență socială  2022
  • Educație civică  2022
  • Pedagogie în învăţământul primar și limba engleză 2022
  • Pedagogie în învăţământul primar și Psihopedagogie 2022
  • Psihologie 2022
  • Psihopedagogie 2022
  • Sociologie 2022
List of study programs, II level Master
  • Psihologie clinică(120) 2022
  • Psihologia muncii și organizațională(120), MP 2022
  • Psihologie judiciară(120) 2022
  • Management educațional(120) 2022
  • Formarea formatorilor(120) 2022
  • Consilierea pentru probleme de familie(120)  2022
  • Managementul serviciilor sociale(120) 2022
  • Sondaje de opinie, marketing sipublicitate(120) 2022

MS – master științific MP – master profesional


Doctoral Studies (6 semesters)

  • Doctoral School ,,Psychology and Education Sciences”

511.01 – General Psychology 531.01 – General Theory of Education 532.02 – School Education in Stages and Educational Subjects 533.01 – Higher Education Pedagogy

  • Doctoral School ,,Social Siences”

541.01 – Theory and Methods in Sociology 541.02 – Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes 542.01 – Theory and Practice of Social Work

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