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Presentation of the Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Order of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR Regarding the Organization of the Faculty of Economics at the Chisinau State University was issued in 1953, marking the beginning of the Faculty of Economic Sciences’ history. The Faculty has grown to be one of the largest faculties within the University throughout the years, with a consolidated structure and a diverse educational offer that is in line with labor market demand.

The faculty has trained numerous generations of specialists who not only contribute to the domestic economy but also work abroad. High performance studies concentrate on the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate cycles of higher education.

The mission of the Faculty of Economic Sciences is to provide high-quality higher education in the context of programs in economic studies and public services, the advancement of knowledge based on the freedom of scientific creation, and economic science-related research, thereby assisting in the growth of the knowledge-based society in the Republic of Moldova and across Europe.

The faculty has 4 academic departments: the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Finance and Banks, the Department of Accounting and Economic Informatics, the Department of Economics, Marketing and Tourism. The faculty runs both the Doctoral School of Economic Sciences and the Scientific Research Center „Sustainable Development and Economic Performance”.

By national and international external evaluators, the study programs in the faculty’s specialties have earned accreditation. The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), the largest international organization of professional accountants, has also granted its accreditation to the “Accountancy” program, which exempts graduates from taking 8 of the 14 exams necessary to earn the internationally recognized qualification.

Students can opt for a double degree in the “Finance” bachelor’s program and the “Financial Audit and Expertise” master’s program – with the “Ștefan cel Mare” University in Suceava, Romania.



HĂMURARU Maria, doctor, associate professor


tel. +373 67314315


BALMUȘ-ANDONE Mihaela, deputy dean, Bachelor’s degree, full-time studies, the II and III years


tel.  +373 67560165

APETRII Natalia, deputy dean, Bachelor’s degree, full-time studies, the first year and Master’s degree


tel. +373 67560165

COVALSCHI Tatiana, deputy dean, Bachelor’s degree, part-time studies


tel. +373 67560075

Bachelor’s degree programs

Master’s degree programs

  • Audit şi expertiză financiară(120) 2022 2023
  • Administrare bancară(120) 2022 2023
  • Contabilitatea întreprinderii(120) 2022 2023
  • Finanţe publice şi fiscalitate(120) 2022 2023
  • Administrarea afacerilor(120) 2022 2023
  • Gestiunea finanţelor şi contabilitatea în afaceri(120) 2022 2023
  • Managementul resurselor umane(120) 2022 2023
  • Studii în marketing(120) 2022 2023
  • Management şi marketing hotelier şi turism(120) 2022 2023
  • Management (cu frecvență)(120) 2023
  • Management (cu frecvență redusă)(120) 2023
  • Baze de date și tehnici actuariale (120 cr) 2023

MS – Master of Science    MPS – Master of Professional Studies

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