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The Faculty of History and Philosophy is one of the founding faculties of the Moldova State University. It began it’s activity on 1’th October 1946. Over time, faculty has undergone several changes. At first, it was named Faculty of History and Philology, but by the time it became autonomous. The good progress of the training process is provided by teachers with a rich teaching and scientific experience in the field, as well as by young specialists, who have already made good efforts in the field of education and research.

The faculty aims are:

  • Formative dimension– training successful specialists in history, philosophy and anthropology that would further contribute to the promotion and development of general-human values of the society and model institutional culture that would encourage a good life development. Historical subjects are designed to show social life in different periods, resulting from the structural elements of the society. History is based on a series of documentary materials that serve as the theoretical background of social practice. At the same time, the specialty of Philosophy provides deep knowledge about the surrounding world and the human position, social and cultural environment in particular. Anthropology is a new field of research at the Moldova State University that involves training skills in administrating social projects, understanding the social environment and historic conditions of development of certain types of cultures.
  • Scientific dimension– capitalization of the scientific potential of the faculty staff and the involvement of students and master students in scientific activity by organizing scientific events (seminars, conferences, projects). The studies are organized and implemented so that theory and practice (in museums and laboratories) are efficient and related to labor market needs.
  • Culture dimension- promotion and development of general-human values of the society and model institutional culture that would encourage a good life development.

The didactic-scientific potential of the institution enables training of highly qualified specialists.

DEAN:  Sergiu Matveev

VICE-DEAN :  Igor Bercu

SECRETARIAT :  Liudmila Pavlov

Academic staff members:


  • Romanian / World History and Archaeology
  • Filosophy and Anthropology

Research Centers:

  • Qualitative Research Center in Anthropology
  • Center for the Study of Totalitarianism
  • Imperial Studies Center Chisinau-Oradea
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

List of study programs, level I Bachelor

List of study programs, II level Master