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The Faculty of History and Philosophy is one of the founding faculties of Moldova State University. It began its activity on October 1st, 1946. Currently, the Faculty carries out its didactic, formative, and scientific activity, ensuring and providing the fundamental and necessary knowledge for a young specialist. Over the years, the faculty has undergone several changes. At first, it was named the Faculty of History and Philology. Afterward, it expanded and some departments became autonomous, forming the basis for the establishment of new faculties (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance). The progress in the training process is ensured by teachers with rich teaching and scientific experience in the field, as well as by young specialists, who have already established themselves in the field of education and research.

The aims of the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the State University of Moldova are:

  • In the Formative Dimension – training of successful specialists in the fields of history, philosophy, and anthropology that would further contribute to the promotion and development of general human values. The academic offer is compiled in accordance with the didactic and research standards promoted within a higher education institution. The disciplinary curricula are created to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a young specialist. Completing the studies entails the possibility of successful employment in the field of work;
  • In the Scientific Dimension – capitalization of the scientific potential represented by the teaching staff of the faculty, as well as the involvement of students and master’s students in scientific activity by organizing scientific events (seminars, conferences, projects);
  • In the Cultural Dimension – promotion of general human values ​​and the shaping of an institutional culture that would encourage the development of academic life.

Dean: Sergiu Matveev, PhD Associate Professor

Vice Dean: Igor Bercu, University lecturer

Secretariat: Liudmila Pavlov, methodologist


  • Department of Romanian History, Universal and Archaeology
  • Department of Philosophy and Anthropology

Research centers:

  • Center for Qualitative Research in Anthropology
  • Center for the Study of Totalitarianism
  • Center for interdisciplinary studies
  • Chisinau-Oradea Research Center

Bachelor’s degree studies (180 credits – 3 years; 240 credits – 4 years)

The academic calendar for part-time studies

Master’s degree studies (taught in Romanian) (120 credits – 2 years; 90 credits – 1.5 years)

  • Cultural heritage management (120 credits) 2022 2023
  • History and culture of religions (120 credits) 2022 2023
  • State and society from a historical perspective (forms of government, national security, and international relations) (120 credits) 2022 2023
  • Philosophy, anthropology, and cultural management (120 credits) 2022 2023
  • Contemporary philosophers (120 credits) 2022 2023

MS – Master of Science MP – Master of Professional Studies

Doctoral degree studies (6 semesters)

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